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Pasteboard screenshot


Pasteboard is my renamed and redesigned update to PasteShack. The web app makes image sharing as simple and painless as possible.

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.net magazine cover

.net Magazine Scroll Path Tutorial

Following the popularity explosion of jQuery Scroll Path, I was asked to write a tutorial for the plugin for the May 2012 issue of .net magazine.

jQuery Scroll Path Screenshot

jQuery Scroll Path

Make the browser scroll and rotate along a custom non-linear path. Great for making unconventional web pages!

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accentcolor screenshot


Get the accent color of any website with this small script made by me. Use it to make your outgoing links aptly colored.

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squares screenshot


A premium HTML5 vCard template for sale on Themeforest. Introduce yourself and your work through a clean and simple web page.

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jsmanipulate screenshot


An open-source Javascript image filter library based on the HTML5 canvas element. Comes with 42 different filters and effects.

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pasteshack screenshot


PasteShack makes screenshot sharing super duper easy by allowing you to upload your images right from your clipboard. This app has now been replaced by my other project, Pasteboard.