August 20th, 2012 :: Web Development

Pasteboard screenshot

I’ve spent my spare time during the summer working on a redesigned and renamed update to PasteShack, with some additional new features. The final product is now up and available at The biggest new feature is that you now can use Drag & Drop in addition to pasting in images from your clipboard.

I’ve also put work into improving the upload process. To speed things up for you, the web app silently starts preuploading the image as soon as it is inserted. When you click to upload the image, the server sends the file over to the cloud and gives you your link almost instantly. There’s also an upload progress bar for those cases when the image haven’t had time to pre-upload.

The back-end is powered by Node + Express and the front-end is written in HTML, LESS and CoffeeScript. I’ve enjoyed working on this project a lot and the user feedback so far has been great, I definitely plan to keep working on it. For anyone interested, the source code for the app is available on Github for you to learn from and contribute to.

  •  Gio

    It is excellent, and thanks for using Node.js, future technology, good design … congratulations.

  • Antes

    Why is image pasting from clipboard not working in Chrome?

    • JoelBesada

      I need some more information.
      What version of Chrome are you using?
      Do you get any error messages when trying to paste from the clipboard?

    • Antes

      Latest available version - 21.0.1180.89 m

      Works fine in Firefox.

      Let me know if you need something else.

    • JoelBesada

      Hmm, are you copying a file from your filesystem and pasting it in? I just discovered that this actually works in Firefox, which is something I’m surprised by. 

      The normal use of the copy and paste functionality is to insert image _data_ from your clipboard, for example after taking a screenshot. It seems however that Firefox is able to convert a copied image file into pure image data in the clipboard. Chrome doesn’t do this conversion, which is why it doesn’t work.

    • Antes

      Yes I do, I thought that is the point lol :D So I discovered a new functionality in firefox, do I get prize now or what :P

      Is there a way to make it work like I tried to? I mean, from technical side. I tried googling a little but the best I found is java app and that sucks, is there no way to grab clipboard data in Chrome from simple ctrl + c ?

    • JoelBesada

      You can access some of the clipboard data in Chrome, just not files that have been copied from the file system. You’d need Java for that to work in all browsers…

    • Antes

      That’s good for security, but bad for us :)

      Well, thank you very much for developing this, I was thinking of checking out Node.js soon as it seems amazing. Good luck in your ventures.

  • Ján Mochňak

    Nice tool, I love it!!! It has everything what I need.

  • masiha


  • Paul

    Hello, your tool is really great. I’m trying to include a form in the crop screen to add text storage with the photo. Could you help me please to find where, in your code, I could add a such input tag ?

  • Noor Hayat

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